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Do not raise your arms, but let them hang at your side; for you might as well raise a club.

The horse has never studied anatomy, and does not know but they will unhinge themselves and fly at him. It he attempts to turn back, walk before him, but do not run. And if he gets past you, encircle him again in the same quiet manner, and he will soon find that you are not going to hurt him.

Follow these easy to remember rules and you can soon walk so close around him that he will go into the stable for more room, and to get farther from you.

As soon as he is in, remove the quiet horse and shut the door. This will be his first notion of confinement - not knowing how to get in such a place, nor how to get out of it. That he may take it as quietly as possible.

See that the shed is entirely free from dogs, chickens, or anything that would annoy him; then give him a few ears of corn, and let him remain alone fifteen or twenty minutes, until he has examined his apartment, and has become reconciled to his confinement.


And now, while your horse is eating those few ears of corn, is the proper time to see that your halter is ready and all right, and to reflect on the best mode of operations; for, in the horsebreaking, it is highly important that you should be governed by some system.

Now, you should know before you attempt to do anything, just what you are going to do, and how

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