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And who would have his horse throw himself, and run the risk of breaking his neck, rather than pay the price of a leather halter.

But this is not the worst. A horse that has once pulled on his halter, can never be as well broke as one that has never pulled at all.


But before you attempt to do anything more with the colt, I will give you some of the characteristics of his nature. With this you may better understand his motions.

Every one that has ever paid any attention to the horse, has noticed his natural inclination to smell of everything which to him looks new and frightful. This is their strange mode of examining everything.

And, when they are frightened at anything, though they look at it sharply, they seem to have no confidence in this optical examination alone, but must touch it with the nose before they are entirely satisfied. But, as soon as this is done, all is right.


If you want to satisfy yourself of this characteristic of the horse, and learn something of importance concerning the peculiarities of his nature, etc., turn him into the barn-yard, or a large stable will do. Now gather up something that you know will frighten him.

A red blanket. A buffalo robe. Or something of that kind.

Hold it up so that he can see it. Just watch. The horse will stick up his head and snort.

Then throw it down somewhere in the center of the lot or barn, and walk off to one side. Now. Watch the motions of the horse, and study his nature.

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