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He will naturally run from you, and frequently turn his head from you; but you must walk about
extremely slow and softly, so that he can see you whenever he turns his head towards you, which he never fails to do in a short time. Say in a quarter of an hour. I never knew one to be much longer without turning towards me.

"At the very moment he turns his head, hold out your left hand towards him, and stand perfectly still, keeping your eyes upon the horse, watching his motions if he makes any. If the horse does not stir for ten or fifteen minutes, advance as slowly as possible. Without making the least noise, always holding out your left hand, without any other ingredient in it than that what nature put in it." He says,

"I have made use of certain, ingredients before people, such as the sweat under my arm, etc., to disguise the real secret, and many believed that the docility to which the horse arrived in so short a time, was owing to these ingredients; but you see from this explanation that they were of no use whatever.

The implicit faith placed in these ingredients, though innocent of themselves, becomes 'faith without works.' And thus men remained always in doubt concerning this secret.

If the horse makes the least motion when you advance toward him, stop, and remain perfectly still until he is quiet.

Remain a few moments in this condition, and then advance again in the same slow and imperceptible manner.

Take notice: If the horse stirs, stop without changing your position. It is very uncommon for the horse to stir more than once after you begin to advance, yet there are exceptions. He generally keeps his eyes steadfast on you, until you get near enough to touch him on the forehead.

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