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"All this operation is no magnetism, no galvanism; it is merely taking away the fear a horse generally has of a man, and familiarizing the animal with his master. As the horse doubtless experiences a certain pleasure from this handling, he will soon become gentle under it, and show a very marked attachment to his keeper."


These instructions are very good, but not quite sufficient for horses of all kinds, and for haltering and leading the colt... But I have inserted it here, because it gives some of the true philosophy of approaching the horse. Not least in order to establishing confidence between man and horse. He speaks only of the kind of horse that fear man.

To those who understand the philosophy of horsemanship, these are the easiest trained. For when we have a horse that is wild and lively, we can train him to our will in a very short time.

How? Because these horses are generally quick to learn, and always ready to obey. But there is another kind that are of a stubborn or vicious disposition. Although they are not wild, and do not require taming, in the sense it is generally understood, they are just as ignorant as a wild horse. And possibly, if not more so, and need to be learned just as much.

In order to have such horses obey quickly, it is very necessary that they should be made to fear their masters. For, in order to obtain perfect obedience from any horse, we must first have him fear us. Because, our motto is fear, love, and obey.

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