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The skin on the inner part of his legs or about his flank being thinner, more tender than on his back. But do NOT whip him much. Just enough to scare him a little.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Always, always remember: It is not because we want to hurt the horse that we whip him, we only do it to scare that bad disposition out of him and establish some respect. But whatever you do, do quickly, sharply and with a good deal of fire, but always without anger.

If you are going to scare him at all you must do it at once. Never go into a pitch battle with your horse, and whip him until he is mad and will fight you.

No. You had better not touch him at all, for you will establish, instead of fear and regard, feelings of resentment, hatred and ill-will. It will do him no good but an injury, to strike a blow, unless you can scare him and put yourself in proper, equalized respect.

But if you succeed in scaring him, you can whip him without making him mad; for fear and anger never exist together in the horse. And as soon as one is visible, you will find that the other has disappeared.

As soon as you have frightened him so that he will stand up straight and pay some attention to you, approach him again and caress him a good deal more than you whipped him. Then you will excite the two controlling passions of his nature.

Love and fear.

And then he will fear and love you too. And as soon as he learns what to do will quickly obey.

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