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As soon as you have gentled the colt a little, take the halter in your left hand and approach him as before, and on the same side that you have gentled him.

If he is very timid about your approaching closely to him, you can get up to him quicker by making the whip a part of your arm, and reaching out very gently with the but end of it, rubbing him lightly on the neck. All the time you're getting a little closer. Shortening the whip by taking it up in your hand, until you finally get close enough to put your hands on him.

If he is inclined to hold his head from you, put the end of the halter strap around his neck, drop your whip, and draw very gently. He will let his neck give, and you can pull his head to you.

Then take hold of that part of the halter, which buckles over the top of his head, and pass the long side, or that part which goes into the buckle, under his neck, grasping it on the opposite side with your right hand, letting the first strap loose. The latter will be sufficient to hold the horse's head to you.

Lower the halter a little. Just enough to get his nose into that part which goes around it. Then raise it somewhat, and fasten the top buckle, and you will have it all right. The first time you halter a colt you should stand on the left side. Pretty well back to his shoulder only taking hold of that part of the halter that goes around his neck. Then with your hands about his neck you can hold his head to you, and raise the halter on it without making him dodge by putting your hands about his nose.

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