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You should have a long rope or strap ready, and as soon as you have the halter on, attach this to it, so that you can let him walk the length of the stable without letting go of the strap, or without making him pull on the halter.

For if you only let him feel the weight of your hand on the halter, and give him rope when he runs from you, he will never rear, pull, or throw himself. Yet you will be holding him all the time, and doing more towards gentling him, than if you had the power to snub him right up, and hold him to one spot... Because, he does not know any thing about his strength, and if you don't do any thing to make him pull, he will never know that he can.

In a few minutes you can begin to control him with the halter, then shorten the distance between yourself and the horse, by taking up the strap in your hand.

As soon as the horse will allow you to hold him by a tolerably short strap, and step up to him without flying back, you can begin to give him some idea about leading. But to do this, do not go before and attempt to pull him after you. Instead you simply commence by pulling him very quietly to one side.

He has nothing to brace either side of his neck, and will soon yield to a steady, gradual pull of the halter. And as soon as you have pulled him a step or two to one side, step up to him and caress him. Then pull him again.

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