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Now you make sure you repeat this operation until you can pull him around in every direction,
and walk about the stable with him, which you can do in a few minutes. How? Why? Because your horse will soon think when you have made him step to the right or left a few times - that he is compelled to follow the pull of the halter.

In other words, you can do this so easily because the horse is not aware that he has the power to resist your pulling. You never went into a direct battle with him. You simply and gently "assumed" the horse to move to either side... and as result of that gentle but firm, careful gentleness - the horse yielded. No fight, no argument, no struggle was never initiated and none was ever taken.

Besides, you have handled him so gently, that he is not afraid of you, and you always caress your beautiful horse when he or she comes up to you. And, your horse, no matter what temperament likes that. So, as result, the horse would just as leave follow you as not.

And after your horse has had a few lessons of that kind, if you turn him out in a lot he will come up to you every opportunity he gets. You should lead him about in the stable some time before you take him out... Opening the door, so that he can see out, leading him up to it and back again. Then past it.

Let your horse see that there is nothing on the outside to make him jump, when you take him out. And, as you go out with him, try make him go very slowly. Catching hold of the halter close to the jaw, with your left hand, while the right is resting on the top of the neck. Holding to his mane.

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