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Then by hitching him in the center of the stall, it would be impossible for him to pull on the halter. The partition behind preventing him from going back, and the halter in the center checking him every time he turns to the left or right.

In a state of this kind you can break every horse to stand hitched by a light strap, anywhere, without his ever knowing any thing about pulling. But if you have broke your horse to lead,
and have learned him the use of the halter (which you should always do before you hitch him to any thing), you can hitch him in any kind of a stall. And. Give him something to eat to keep him up to his place for a few minutes at first - and there is not one colt in fifty that will pull on his halter.


You should use a large, smooth, snaffle bit, so as not to hurt his mouth, with a bar to each side, to prevent the bit from pulling through either way. This you should attach to the head-stall of your bridle and put it on your colt without any reins to it. Then let him run loose in a large stable or shed for some time, until he becomes a little used to the bit - and will
bear it without trying to get it out of his mouth.

It would be well, if convenient, to repeat this several times before you do anything more with the colt. As soon as he will bear the bit, attach a single rein to it without any martingale.

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