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You should also have a halter on your colt. Or a bridle made after the fashion of a halter, with a strap to it, so that you can hold or lead him about without pulling on the bit much. He is now ready for the saddle.


Any one man, who has this theory, can easily put a saddle on the wildest colt that ever grew, without any help, and without scaring him.

The first thing you should do, would be to tie each stirrup strap into a loose knot to make them short, and prevent the stirrups from flying about and hitting him.

Then double up the skirts and take the saddle under your right arm, so as not to frighten your horse with it as you approach. When you get to him, rub him gently a few times with your hand, and then raise the saddle very slowly until he can see it, and smell, and feel it with his nose.

Then let the skirts loose. Rub it very gently against his neck the way the hair lays, letting him hear the rattle of the skirts as he feels them against him. Each time getting a little farther backward, and finally slip it over his shoulders on his back.

Shake it a little with your hand, and in less than five minutes you can rattle it about over his back as much as you please, and pull it off and throw it on again, without his paying much attention to it.

As soon as you have accustomed him to the saddle, fasten the girth.

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