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Be very careful how you do this. It often frightens a Colt when he feels the girth binding him, and making the saddle fit tight on his back.

Remember, more often than not, your colt is doing unexpected things simply because he is scared or frightened. And, your responsibility is to know that, and take that seriously. Thus, making sure you treat him well. Make sure you treat him firmly, but gently. Making sure you go easy and do everything you can to calm - and relax your horse. Thus being careful and gentle, making him trust and believe in you.

So. You should bring up the girth very gently, and not draw it too tight at first. Just enough to hold the saddle on. Move your horse a little, and then girth it as tight as you choose, and he will not mind it.

You should see that the pad of your saddle is all right before you put it on, and that there is nothing to make it hurt him, or feel unpleasant to his back. The saddle should not have any loose straps on the back part of it to flap about and scare the horse.

After you have saddled him in this way, take a switch in your right hand to tap him up with, and walk about in the stable a few times with your right arm over the saddle - Taking hold of the reins on each side of his neck, with your right and left hands. Thus marching him about in the stable until you learn him the use of the bridle, and you can turn him about in any direction. As well as stop him by a gentle pull of the rein.

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