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Go easy on him. Take it easy, and always caress him. Also, loose the reins a little every time you stop him.

You should always be alone, and have your colt in some tight stable or shed. The first time you ride him, the loft should be high so that you can sit on his back without endangering your head.

You can learn him more in two hours time in a stable of this kind, than you could in two weeks in the common way of breaking colts, out in an open place.

It you follow my course of treatment, you need not run any risk, or have any trouble in riding the worst kind of a horse.

Remember: You take him one step at a time, until you get up a mutual confidence and trust between yourself and the horse. First learn him to lead and stand hitched. Next acquaint him with the saddle, and the use of the bit. And then all that remains, is to get on him without scaring him. Then, you can ride him as well as any horse.


First gentle him well on both sides. About the saddle, and all over, until he will stand still without holding, and is not afraid to see you any where about him.

As soon as you have him thus gentled, get a small block. About one foot or eighteen inches in height. Set it down by the side of him, about where you want to stand to mount him. Step up on this, raising yourself very gently.

Horses notice every change of position very closely, and if you were to step up suddenly on the block, it would be very apt to scare him. But by raising yourself gradually on it, he will see you, without being frightened. This in a position very near the same as when you are on his back.

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