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As soon as he will bear this without alarm, untie the stirrup strap next to you. Put your left foot into the stirrup. Stand square over it, holding your knee against the horse. Your toe out, so as to touch him under the shoulder with the toe of your boot.

Place your right hand on the front of the saddle and on the opposite side of you. Taking hold of a portion of the mane and the reins as they hang loosely over his neck with your left hand.

Then gradually bear your weight on the stirrup, and on your right hand, until the horse feels your whole weight on the saddle. Repeat this several times. Each time raising yourself a little higher from the block. Continue gently until your horse will allow you to raise your leg over his croop, and place yourself in the saddle.

There are three great advantages in having a block to mount from.

- First, a sudden change of position is very apt to frighten a young horse that has never been handled. He will allow you to walk up to him, and stand by his side without scaring at you, because you have gentled him to that position. But if you get down on your hands and knees and crawl towards him, he will be very much frightened. And upon the same principle, he would frighten at your new position if you had the power to hold yourself over his back without touching him.

Then the first great advantage of the block is to gradually gentle him to that new position in which he will see you when you ride him.

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