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- Second, by the process of leaning your weight in the stirrups, and on your hand, you can gradually accustom him to your weight. Thus, as not to frighten him by having him feel it all at once.

- And in the third place the block elevates you so that you will not have to make a spring in order to get on to the horse's back. But from it you can gradually raise yourself into the saddle. When you take these precautions, there is no horse so wild, but what you can mount him without making him jump. I have tried it on the worst horses that could be found, and have never failed in any case.

When mounting, your horse should always stand without being held. A horse is never well broke when he has to be held with a tight rein while mounting. And a colt is never so safe to mount, as when you see that assurance of confidence, and absence of fear, which causes him to stand without holding.


When you want him to start do not touch him on the side with your heel or do anything to frighten him and make him jump. Instead, speak to him kindly. If he does not start, pull him a little to the left until he starts. Then let him walk off slowly with the reins loose. Walk him around in the stable a few times until he gets used to the bit, and you can turn him about in every direction and stop him as you please.

It would be well to get on and off a good many times until he gets perfectly used to it before you take him out of the stable.

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