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If you put the bitting on very tight the first time, he cannot raise his head enough to loosen it. Instead the horse will bear on it all the time, and paw, sweat and throw himself.

Many horses have been killed by falling backward with the bitting on, their heads being drawn up, strike the ground with the whole weight of the body. Horses that have their heads drawn up tightly should not have the bitting on more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time.


Take up one fore foot and bend the horse's knee till his hoof is bottom upwards. Merely touching his body. Then slip a loop over his knee, and up until it comes above the pasture joint to keep it up. Be careful to draw the loop together between the hoof and pasture joint with a second strap of some kind, to prevent the loop from slipping down and coming off.

This will leave the horse standing on three legs. You can now handle him as you wish, for it is utterly impossible for him to kick in this position.

There is something in this operation of taking up one foot that conquers a horse quicker and better than any thing else you can do to him. There is no process in the world equal to it to break a kicking horse, for several reasons.

- First, there is a principle of this kind in the nature of the horse; that by conquering one member you conquer to a great extent the whole horse.

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