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You have perhaps seen men operate upon this principle by sewing a horse's ears together to prevent him from kicking. I once saw a plan given in a newspaper to make a bad horse stand to be shod, which was to fasten down one ear. There were no reasons given why you should do so; but I tried it several times, and thought it had a good effect - though I would not recommend its use, especially stitching his ears together.

The only benefit arising from this process is, that by disarranging his ears we draw his attention to them, and he is not so apt to resist the shoeing.

However. By tying up one foot we operate on the same principle to a much better effect. When you first fasten up a horse's foot he will sometimes get very mad. Strike with his knee, and try every possible way to get it down. But he cannot do that, and will soon give it up.

This will conquer any horse better than anything you could do, and without any possible danger of hurting himself or you either. For, you can tie up his foot and sit down and look at him until he gives up.

When you find that he is conquered, go to him, let down his foot, rub his leg with your hand,
caress him and let him rest a little. Then put it up again.

Repeat this a few times. Always putting up the same foot, and he will soon learn to travel on three legs so that you can drive him some distance.

As soon as he gets a little used to this way of traveling, put on your harness and hitch him to a sulky. If he is the worst kicking horse that ever raised a foot you need not be fearful of his doing any damage while he has one foot up. For he simply cannot kick. And neither can he run fast enough to do any harm either.

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