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And if he is the wildest horse that ever had harness on, and has run away every time he has been hitched, you can now hitch him in a sulky and drive him as you please. And if he wants to run you can let him have the lines, and the whip too. All with perfect safety, for he cannot go but a slow gait on three legs. Thus, the horse now will soon be tired and willing to stop.

When that happens, only hold the horse enough to guide him in the right direction, and he will soon be tired and willing to stop at the word. Thus you will effectually cure him at once of any further notion of running off.

Kicking horses have always been the dread of everybody. You always hear men say, when they speak about a bad horse, "I don't care what he does, so he don't kick."

However. This new method is an effectual cure for this worst of all habits. There are plenty of ways by which you can hitch a kicking horse and force him to go, though he kicks all the time. But this don't have any good effect towards breaking him, for we know that horses kick because they are afraid of what is behind them.

And, when they kick against it and it hurts them they will only kick the harder. And this will hurt them still more and make them remember the scrape much longer. Thus, make it still more difficult to persuade them to have any confidence in any thing dragging behind them ever after.

But by this new method you can hitch them to a rattling sulky, plow, wagon, or anything else in its worst shape. They may be frightened at first, but cannot kick or do any thing to hurt themselves. As result, the horse will soon find that you do not intend to hurt them, and then they will not care any thing more about it.

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