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You can then let down the leg, comfort your horse a little and drive along gently without any farther trouble. By this new process a bad kicking horse can be learned to go gentle in harness in a few hours' time.


Horses know nothing about balking, only as they are brought into it by improper management. And, when a horse balks in harness it is generally from some mismanagement, excitement, confusion, or from not knowing how to pull. But seldom from any unwillingness to perform all that he understands.

High spirited, free going horses are the most subject to balking, and only so because drivers do not properly understand how to manage this kind of horse.

A free horse in a team may be so anxious to go that when he hears the word he will start with a jump. A jump, which will not move the load, but will instead give the horse such a severe jerk on the shoulders that he will fly back and stop the other horse.

The teamster will continue his driving without any cessation, and by the time he has the slow horse started again he will find that the free horse has made another jump... And again flew back. And by now he has them both badly balked. So confused that neither of them knows what is the matter, or how to start the load.

Next will come the slashing and cracking of the whip, and hallooing of the driver, till
something is broken or he is through with his course of treatment.

But what a mistake the driver commits by whipping his horse for this act.

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