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Reason and common sense should teach him that the horse was willing and anxious to go, but did not know how to start the load. And should he whip him for that?

If so, he should whip him again for not knowing how to talk.

A man that wants to act with any rationality or reason should not fly into a passion, but should always think before he strikes.

Remember. It takes a steady pressure against the collar to move a load, and you cannot expect him to act with a steady, determined purpose while you are whipping him.

There is hardly one balking horse in five hundred that will pull true from whipping. It is only adding fuel to fire, and will make them more liable to balk another time.

You always see horses that have been balked a few times, turn their heads and look back, as soon as they are a little frustrated. This is because they have been whipped and are afraid of what is behind them.

This is an invariable rule with balked horses. Just as much as it is for them to look around at their sides when they have the bots.

In either case they are deserving of the same sympathy and the same kind, rational treatment.

When your horse balks, or is a little excited, if he wants to start quickly, or looks around and don't want to go, there is something wrong. Now he needs your kind treatment immediately.

Caress him kindly. Also remember, if he don't understand at once what you want him to do he will not be so much excited as to jump and break things, and do everything wrong through fear.

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