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As long as you are calm and can keep down the excitement of the horse, there are ten chances to have him understand you, where there would not be one under harsh treatment. And then the little flare up would not carry with it any unfavorable recollections, and he would soon forget all about it, and learn to pull true.

Almost every wrong act the horse commits is from mismanagement, fear or excitement. One harsh word will so excite a nervous horse as to increase his pulse ten beats in a minute.

When we remember that we are dealing with dumb brutes, and reflect how difficult it must be for them to understand our motions, signs and language, we should never get out of patience with them because they don't understand us, or wonder at their doing things wrong.

With all our intellect, if we were placed in the horse's situation, it would be difficult for us to understand the driving of some foreigner, of foreign ways and foreign language.

You, me and - We should always recollect that our ways and language are just as foreign and unknown to the horse as any language in the world is to us, and should try to practice what we could understand, were we the horse, endeavoring by some simple means to work on his understanding rather than on the different parts of his body.

FACT: All balked horses can be started true and steady in a few minutes time. They are all willing to pull as soon as they know how, and I never yet found a balked horse that I could not teach how to start his load in fifteen, and often less than three minutes time.

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