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Almost any team, when first balked, will start kindly, if you let them stand five or ten minutes, as though there was nothing wrong. Then you speak to the horses with a steady voice. Turn them a little to the right or left, so as to get them both or all in motion before they feel the pinch of the load.

But if you want to start a team that you are not driving yourself, that has been balked, fooled and whipped for some time - now go to them and hang the lines on their hames. Or fasten them to the wagon, so that they will be perfectly loose. Make the driver and spectators (if there is any) stand off some distance to one side. This, so as not to attract the attention of the horses.

Unloose their checkreins, so that they can get their heads down, if they choose. Let them stand a few minutes in this condition, until you can see that they are a little composed.

While they are standing you should be about their heads, gentling them. It will make them a little more kind, and the spectators will think that you are doing something that they do not understand, and will not learn the secret.

When you have them ready to start, stand before them. And as you seldom have but one balky horse in a team, get as near in front of him as you can. If he is too fast for the other horse, let his nose come against your breast; this will keep him steady. For he will go slow rather than run on you.

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