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Turn them gently to the right, without letting them pull on the traces, as far as the tongue will let them go. Stop them with a kind word. Gentle them a little, and then turn them back to the left, by the same process.

You will have them under your control by this time, and as you turn them again to the right, steady them in the collar, and you can take them where you please.

There is a quicker process that will generally start a balky horse, but not so sure. Stand him a little ahead, so that his shoulders will be against the collar. Then take up one of the horse's fore feet in your hand, and let the driver start them.

When the weight comes against his shoulders, he will try to step. Then let him have his foot, and he will go right along.

If you want to break a horse from balking that has long been in that habit, you ought to set apart a half day for that purpose.

Put him by the side of some steady horse. Have check lines on them. Tie up all the traces and straps, so that there will be nothing to excite them. Do not rein them up, but let them have their heads loose. Walk them about together for some time as slowly and lazily as possible.

Stop often, and go up to your balky horse and gentle him. Do not take any whip about him, or do any thing to excite him. Simply keep him just as quiet as you can. He will soon learn to start off at the word, and stop whenever you tell him.

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