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As soon as he performs right, hitch him in an empty wagon. Have it stand in a favorable position for starting. It would be well to shorten the stay chain behind the steady horse, so that if it is necessary he can take the weight of the wagon the first time you start them. Do not drive but a few rods at first. Watch your balky horse closely, and if you see that he is
getting balky, stop him before he stops of his own accord.

Caress him a little, and start again. As soon as they go well, drive them over a small hill a few times, and then over a large one, occasionally adding a little load. This process will make any horse true to pull.


Take him in a tight stable, as you did to ride him. Take the harness and go through the same process that you did with the saddle. Keep on until you get the horse familiar with them, so that you can put them on him and rattle them about without his caring for them.

As soon as your horse will bear this, put on the lines. Caress him as you draw them over him, and drive him about in the stable till he will bear them over his hips.

The lines are a great aggravation to some colts, and often frighten them as much as if you were
to raise a whip over them. As soon as the horse is familiar with the harness and line, take him out and put him by the side of a gentle horse. Now go through the same process that you did with the balking horse.

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