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Or use his name instead of boy, if you choose. Every time you turn, touch him slightly with the whip, to make him step up close to you. Then caress him with your hand. He will soon learn to hurry up to escape the whip and be caressed. Thus, you can make him follow you around
without taking hold of the halter.

If he should stop and turn from you, give him a few cuts about the hind legs, and he will soon turn his head toward you. Then you must always remember to caress him. A few lessons of this kind will make him run after you, when he sees the motion of the whip. In twenty or thirty minutes he will follow you about the stable.

After you have given him two or three lessons in the stable, take him out into a small lot and train him there. And from there on you can take him into the road and make him follow you anywhere, and even have him run after you if you will.


After you have him well broken to follow you, stand him in the center of the stable. Begin at his head to caress him, gradually working backward.

If he move, give him a cut with the whip and put him back in the same spot from which he started. If he stands, caress him as before, and continue gentling him in this way until you can get round him without making him move.

Keep walking around him, increasing your pace, and only touch him occasionally.

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