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faculties of man to argue the justice of the thing demanded of him.

If he had, taking into consideration his superior strength, he would be useless to man as a servant. Give him _mind_ in proportion to his strength, and he will demand of us the green fields for an inheritance, where he will roam at leisure, denying the right of servitude at all. God has wisely formed his nature so that it can be operated upon by the knowledge of man
according to the dictates of his will, and he might well be termed an unconscious, submissive servant.

This truth we can see verified in every day's experience by the abuses practiced upon him. Any one who chooses to be so cruel, can mount the noble steed and run him 'till he drops with
fatigue, or, as is often the case with more spirited, fall dead with the rider.

If he had the power to reason, would he not vault and pitch his rider, rather than suffer him to run him to death? Or would he condescend to carry at all the vain imposter, who, with but equal intellect, was trying to impose on his equal rights and equally independent spirit? But
happily for us, he has no consciousness of imposition, no thought of disobedience except by impulse caused by the violation of the law of nature.

Consequently when disobedient it is the fault of man.

Then, we can but come to the conclusion, that if a horse is not taken in a way at variance with the law of his nature, he will do anything that he fully comprehends without making any offer of resistance.

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