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I will here insert some of the most efficient cures of diseases to which the horse is subject. I have practised them for many years with unparalleled success. I have cured horses with the following remedies, which, (in many cases,) have been given up in despair, and I never had a case in which I did not effect a cure.


Take 1 gill of turpentine, 1 gill of opium dissolved in whisky; 1 quart of water, milk warm.

Drench the horse and move him about slowly. If there is no relief in fifteen minutes, take a piece of chalk, about the size of an egg. Powder it, and put it into a pint of cider vinegar, which should be blood warm. Give that, and then move him as before.

ANOTHER. - Take 1 ounce laudanum, 1 ounce of ether, 1 ounce of tincture of assafoetida, 2 ounces tincture of peppermint, half pint of whisky. Put all in a quart bottle, shake it well and drench the horse.


Take 1-1/2 pint of fresh milk, (just from the cow,) 1 pint of molasses.

Drench the horse and bleed him in the mouth; then give him 1 pint of linseed oil to remove them.


Take mustard seed ground fine, tar and rye chop, make pills about the size of a hen's egg. Give him six pills every six hours, until they physic him. Then give him one table spoonful of the horse powder mentioned before, once a day, until cured. Keep him from cold water for six hours after using the powder.

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