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Give 30 grains of tartar emetic every week until cured.


Approach him gently upon the left side, fasten a strap around the ancle of his fore-foot. Then raise the foot gently, so as to bring the knee against the breast and the foot against the belly. The leg being in this position, fasten the strap around his arm, which will effectually prevent him from putting that foot to the ground again.

Then fasten a strap around the opposite leg, and bring it over his shoulder, on the left side, so that you can catch hold of it. Now push these gently, and when the horse goes to fall, pull the strap, which will bring him on his knees.

Now commence patting him under the belly. By continuing your gentle strokes upon the belly, you will, in a few minutes, bring him to his knees behind. Continue the process, and he will lie entirely down, and submit himself wholly to your treatment. By thus proceeding gently, you may handle his feet and legs in any way you choose.

However wild and fractious a horse may be naturally, after practicing this process a few times, you will find him perfectly gentle and submissive, and even disposed to follow you anywhere, and unwilling to leave you on any occasion.

Unless the horse be wild, the first treatment will be all sufficient. But should he be too fractious to be approached in a manner necessary to perform the first named operation, this you will find effectual, and you may then train your horse to harness or anything else with the utmost ease.

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