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In breaking horses for harness, after giving the powders, put the harness on gently, without startling him, and pat him gently. Then fasten the chain to a log, which he will draw for an indefinite length of time. When you find him sufficiently gentle, place him to a wagon or other vehicle.

WARNING. - Be extremely careful in catching a horse, not to scare or frighten him.

After he is caught, and the powders given, rub him gently on the head, neck, back and legs, and on each side of the eyes, the way the hair lies. But remember: Be very careful not to whip, for a young horse is equally passionate with yourself, and this pernicious practice has ruined many fine and valuable horses.

When you are riding a colt (or even an old horse), do not whip him if he scares, but draw the bridle, so that his eye may rest upon the object which has affrighted him. Now, pat him upon the neck as you approach it. By these means you will pacify him, and render him less liable to start in the future.


Buckle a four pound weight around the ancles of his hind legs (lead is preferable). Ride your horse briskly with those weights upon his ancles. At the same time, twitching each rein of the bridle alternately, by this means you will immediately throw him into a pace.

After you have trained him in this way to some extent, change your leaded weights for something lighter. Leather padding, or something equal to it, will suit the purpose. Let your horse wear these light weights until he is perfectly trained.

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