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This process will make a smooth and easy pacer of any horse.


The rider should, in the first place, let the horse know that he is not afraid of him.

Before mounting a horse, take the rein into the left hand, draw it tightly, put the left foot in the stirrup, and raise quickly.

When you are seated press your knees to the saddle, let your leg, from the knee, stand out. Turn your toe in and heel out. Sit upright in your saddle, throw your weight forward - one third of it in the stirrups - and hold your rein tight.

Should your horse scare, you are braced in your saddle and he cannot throw you.


A long, thin neck indicates a good disposition, on the contrary, if it be short and thick. A broad forehead, high between the ears, indicates a very vicious disposition.


Cure for the Founder. - Let 1-1/2 gallons of blood from the neck vein. Make frequent applications of hot water to his forelegs; after which, bathe them in wet cloths, then give one quart Linseed Oil. The horse will be ready for service the next day.

Botts. - Mix one pint honey with one quart sweet milk, give as a drench, one hour after, dissolve 1 oz. pulverized Coperas in a pint of water, use likewise, then give one quart of Linseed Oil. Cure effectual.

Colic. - After bleeding copiously in the mouth, take a half pound of raw cotton, wrap it around a coal of fire in such a way as to exclude the air. When it begins to smoke, hold it under the horse's nose until he becomes easy. Cure certain in ten minutes.

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