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Distemper. - Take 1-1/2 gallons blood from the neck vein, then give a dose of Sassafras Oil, 1-1/2 ounces is sufficient. Cure speedy and certain.

Fistula. - When it makes its appearance, rowel both sides of the shoulder. If it should break, take one ounce of verdigris, 1 ounce oil rosin, 1 ounce copperas, pulverize and mix together. Use it as a salve.


Take a table-spoonful of corrosive sublimate; quicksilver about the size of a bean; 3 or 4 drops of muriatic acid. Iodine about the size of a pea, and lard enough to form a paste. Grind the iodine and sublimate fine as flour, and put altogether in a cup, mix well, then shear the hair all off the size you want.

Wash clean with soap-suds, rub dry, then apply the medicine. Let it stay on five days. If it does not take effect, take it off. Mix it over with a little more lard, and add some fresh medicine.

When the lump comes out, wash it clean in soap-suds, then apply a poultice of cow dung, leave it on twelve hours, then apply healing medicine.


One quart of water, three pounds of sugar, one teaspoonful of lemon oil, one table-spoonful of flour, with the white of four eggs, well beat up.

Mix the above well together, then divide the syrup, and add four ounces of carbonic soda in one-half, and three ounces of tartaric acid in the other half. Now, bottle for use.


One ounce Sarsaparilla, two pounds brown sugar, ten drops wintergreen, and half pint of water.

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